SPCW Annual Report 2014

The report covers the financial year 2013/14 and outlines what the organization has done in support of social development in Winnipeg.

Child and Family Report Card 2013

The Campaign 2000 Child and Family Report Cards have tracked poverty in Canada for almost two decades. This year the Report Card for Manitoba will focus attention on how First Nations, Metis and Inuit children are faring.

Winnipeg Children and Youth Recreation Guide

 A comprehensive directory and information resource to Sport, Recreation and Leisure in Winnipeg. 

Centennial Neighbourhood Housing Plan

A neighbourhood housing plan is a way for residents to come together to create a vision for housing in their neighbourhood. This plan was compiled in cooperation with Centennial neighbourhood residents and community organizations.




SPCW Annual Report 2013

The report covers the financial year 2012/13 and outlines what the organization has done in support of social development in Winnipeg.


City of Winnipeg, Housing Policy -  Housing Committee Presentation – July 15, 2013 

Winnipeg Housing Policy Brief July 2013.pdf

The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg commends The City for taking the initiative to develop a new housing policy. We think it is important that the City will renew its commitment to enabling communities to develop and implement their own housing renewal initiatives. The strength, and greatest success of the previous housing policy, has been its capacity building within inner city communities. READ MORE


Human Rights Code Training, Research Report - January 2013


Child Well-being in Rich Countries: A comparative UNICEF overview

The Report card considers five dimensions of children’s lives: material well-being, health and safety, education, behaviours and risks, and housing and environment. In total, 26 internationally comparable indicators have been included in the overview. Canada ranks a terrible 17th place in the report card! UNICEF_child_poverty_report.pdf


Income Inequality BriefSubmitted to the Finance Committee of Parliament

 Winnipeg is an economically divided city and many of our social challenges can be linked to poverty and inequality. However, recognizing the impact of income inequality has not yet spurned governments to see the common benefits of increasing income equality. When governments recognize that creating greater income equality is in the interest of all citizens, then we can expect to see the policy and program initiatives that can reduce income inequality and increase prosperity for all citizens. To read more click title to download PDF …

Income Inequality Brief Background


Campaign 2000 Child and Family Poverty Report Card 2012

City of Winnipeg Housing Policy Recommendations Report - July 2012

We are pleased that the City is reviewing its housing policy and is showing commitment to working to address the housing challenges Winnipeggers are facing. In this report we offer our assessment of the current Housing Policy, which leads to broad recommendations for the direction of a new policy. The information in this report is based on our experiences working in the area of housing and homelessness, along with research, meetings and conversations with community-based organizations.

SPCW Annual Report 2011/12

A Place to Call Home – April 2012

A review of people experiencing homelessness in Manitoba, based on statistics gathered through HIFIS.


Public Opinion Poll – March 2012

Survey of Winnipeggers perspectives on how well City Council is performing.


Poverty Reduction Strategy Act Recommendations – January 2012

This review of the PRS Act sets out what should be done to make the Act effective.


Bed Bug Consultation and Survey – December 2011

On behalf of the Department of Healthy Living, a survey of how individuals and organization are deal with the bed bug infestation was conducted by the SPCW.


Child and Family Poverty Report Card – September 2011

The annual review of how children are being affected by poverty in Manitoba.


Women and the Federal Budget - July 2011

An analysis of how supporting women will augment the Canadian Government budget.


Social Services and a Vital Economy – March 2011

A defence of how social service contribute to the economy, not hinder commercial activity.

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