OURS group defends city green space

Parks are essential to making Winnipeg an attractive place to live, work, and visit. Greenspace and natural areas near where we live contribute to our wellbeing. With good planning and investment they will be there for generations to come. Planning must be done by the City of Winnipeg to prepare a multiyear master infrastructure plan to manage Winnipeg’s green space, forest, urban wilderness and connecting corridors. Read more… OURS-Winnipeg Master Greenspace Plan - updated August 2014 


OURS-Winnipeg (Outdoor Urban Recreational Spaces – Winnipeg) is a community based organization that originated in December, 2011 to protect public golf courses from commercial or residential development. OURS will continue to monitor any developments pertaining to the golf courses and will advocate for good stewardship of this valuable resource that belongs to us all. 

OURS-Winnipeg has since evolved to become a city-wide green space advocate organization with a focus on urban green spaces, river and nature corridors and the urban forest. 


OURS-Winnipeg continues to urge the City of Winnipeg to initiate consultations for the development of planning documents that preserve and enhance the natural amenities of Winnipeg. 

The City of Winnipeg needs to develop an urban vision by enacting: 
1. An Urban River Corridor Plan that includes all rivers and streams 
2. An Urban Green Space Plan 
3. An Urban Forest Management Plan OURS-Winnipeg has consistently called for timely and meaningful public consultations involving a broad participation of citizens prior to any significant planning decisions being taken by the City of Winnipeg. 

OURS issued a call in 2012 for consultations and protection of public golf courses and within several months over 8500 people signed the OURS petition. In May 2013, a further attempt was made by City Hall to privatize the operation of four of the city-owned golf courses and to declare the John Blumberg Golf Course surplus, paving the way for its sale. Citizens rallied and again the golf courses were saved. Citizens of Winnipeg want and demand timely and meaningful consultations regarding decisions that affect the future of their city. 

For more information go to http://www.ours-winnipeg.com/

Posted by Margaret Reda on
I am interested in joining in the work of preserving our green spaces for the benefit of all Winnipegers. In particular I would like to see public lands both municipally and provincially be utilized for the purpose of permaculture. This is a way of using the land for that increases its fertility, increases biodiversity naturally with little or no use of pesticides or herbicides. It is a food growing system that is sustainable, that requires less inputs and at the same time supports the natural animals, plants and insects. If we are successful with permaculture we could end Winnipeg's reliance on the food bank and achieve real food security. Permaculture can also be used to supply energy needs as well as well as materials for building etc

Margaret Reda
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