Equity in Education

Schools and school systems are just one part of a broader social support network for children and families, but they can have a significant and direct impact on the quality of a child’s daily life and future life outcomes. For that reason it is important to consider, among other factors, the work of schools and school divisions in promoting equity as a means to support the well-being of students and families. The report, Towards Equity in Educat… [Read More]

Winnipeg Plan to End Youth Homelessness

A Plan to End Youth Homelessness will be a guide on what is needed in Winnipeg, based on community consensus and the voices of youth. It can be used by community organizations who serve youth, policy-makers, funders, and decision-makers, to support and work with each other in addressing the complex social and economic challenge of youth homelessness. The plan has been launch and is available here. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in prepa… [Read More]

Housing and Homelessness in Winnipeg

Homelessness in Winnipeg: Gimme shelter by Ryan Bowman in Featured, NEWS, WINNIPEG This is the third article in a seven-part series exploring the state of homelessness in Winnipeg.   During a 16 month period from 2013-2014, a research project titled System Pathways into Youth Homelessness was conducted by Resource Assistance for Youth, The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg an… [Read More]

ALL ABOARD: Poverty Reduction Strategy

March 2015:  The Province has recently released another part of its AllAboard Poverty Reduction Strategy. Starting Early, Starting Strong: Manitoba’s Five-Year Plan for Early Childhood Development, is one of the seven All Aboard Strategy action plans.  It was prepared by the Department of Children and Youth Opportunities.   Copies of both documents are available at or by requesting a printed copy through Helen.Saude@g… [Read More]

City Watch

Growth Charges Growth charges are an important tool that the City of Winnipeg, and city planners, could use to better steer development towards the type of dense, inclusive, complete communities called for in OurWinnipeg. They are one part of a puzzle in reducing Winnipeg’s spiralling infrastructure deficit. Because these things matter to all Winnipeggers, they should be engaged in the important process of deciding how growth charges will be e… [Read More]

Income Inequality

  The Reality of Income Inequality Wealth Inequality in Canada The Broadbent Institute has recently released a report on inequality, The Wealth Gap: Perceptions and Misconceptions, has just been released. The survey shows just how much Canadians underestimate the wealth gap in this country – and how they want a much more balanced distribution. In fact, the results were so staggering that we produced an animated video narrated by Ed Broadbent … [Read More]

Poverty Profiles

Without an anti-poverty strategy, the progress that Canada has made will erode, diminishing the life chance and opportunities of the poor, and undercutting Canada's future prosperity.     Here are some statistical highlights from SPCW and other sources to support community organizations, students, and other people interested in knowing more about poverty, income, and social inclusion in Winnipeg. The profiles are a compilation of the most re… [Read More]

CP Rail yard Proposal

The Social Planning Council wants to help move the Canadian Pacific Rail Yard out of the centre of Winnipeg, and thus facilitate a multi-leveled process of developing new housing, green space, commercial space, recreational facilities and other urban infrastructure in this area. To restart this process (it has been tried before), the SPCW is offering to conduct a scoping exercise to assist stakeholders in the government, corporation and community… [Read More]

OURS group defends city green space

Parks are essential to making Winnipeg an attractive place to live, work, and visit. Greenspace and natural areas near where we live contribute to our wellbeing. With good planning and investment they will be there for generations to come. Planning must be done by the City of Winnipeg to prepare a multiyear master infrastructure plan to manage Winnipeg’s green space, forest, urban wilderness and connecting corridors. Read more… OURS-Winnipeg Mast… [Read More]

Taxes and the Rich-Poor Divide

A Tax Fairness Forum was held on June 5, 2012 at the Millenium Library. Taxes are not merely a way for governments to raise revenue. Taxes are a political mechanism for directing economic activity, addressing major issues facing communities, supporting our democratic and cultural institutions and determining how we shape our physical and social environment. In the last two decades, people with power and wealth have consciously tried to create a… [Read More]

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