SPCW Anniversary Celebration

Join us in our celebration of 95 years, contributing to the social and economic development of Winnipeg. You are invited to participate in a public review as we look back to see forward.     On April 14th 1919, 34 social service agencies sat down at the same table to share information and start coordination of their contributions to Winnipeg. They formed the Council of Social Agencies which transformed into the Social Planning Council of today… [Read More]

ALL ABOARD: Poverty Reduction Strategy

Employment and Income Assistance Rate Review In 2010 the Manitoba Ombudsman’s Report recommended a formal, documented process for reviewing and making recommendations for periodically updating basic and shelter rates, income and asset exemptions, and other income assistance allowances in a logical and equitable manner.  This was to ensure the EIA rate-setting process be documented and made available to the public, with specific attention to de… [Read More]

City Watch

    Network of Community Organizations In January 2012, a group of concerned citizens started to meet, to share information and support each other on issues of community interest. Their common concern is the lack of support they felt citizens and important community issues were getting from City Hall. City Watch is therefore an informal network of individuals and organizations wanting to create and maintain a fair and healthy community. I… [Read More]

Housing and Homelessness in Winnipeg

Right to Housing Annual Report 2013 was another busy year for R2H.  While there were some policy improvements to encourage the creation of affordable and social housing and some improvements in overall vacancy rates in Winnipeg rentals, there are still too many homeless people, too many households in core housing need and not enough social and affordable housing. Right to Housing Annual Report 2013 National Housing Day in Canada, N… [Read More]

Income Inequality

  TED censorship – “Income Inequality too controversial” Income Inequality Debate – whose side are you on? The discussion, or rather the debate on the effects of Income Inequality is heating up. Soon, the SPCW will publish a report on the effects of income inequality. In the meantime, a very interesting exchange on the issue has been documented in the New York Times!    Click Here To View The Debate Study of Income Gap is Important for a… [Read More]

Poverty Profiles

Without an anti-poverty strategy, the progress that Canada has made will erode, diminishing the life chance and opportunities of the poor, and undercutting Canada's future prosperity.     Here are some statistical highlights from SPCW and other sources to support community organizations, students, and other people interested in knowing more about poverty, income, and social inclusion in Winnipeg. The profiles are a compilation of the most re… [Read More]

CP Rail yard Proposal

The Social Planning Council wants to help move the Canadian Pacific Rail Yard out of the centre of Winnipeg, and thus facilitate a multi-leveled process of developing new housing, green space, commercial space, recreational facilities and other urban infrastructure in this area. To restart this process (it has been tried before), the SPCW is offering to conduct a scoping exercise to assist stakeholders in the government, corporation and community… [Read More]

OURS group defends city green space

OURS (Outdoor Urban Recreational Spaces) is a group of Winnipeg citizens, committed to stopping the sale and development of Winnipeg's City owned golf courses, and to the need to protect our natural urban environment. OURS grew out of a Public meeting that agreed that: "We demand meaningful, timely public consultation prior to the sale or redevelopment of City of Winnipeg golf courses." We include golfers and naturalists, skiers and hikers and … [Read More]

Taxes and the Rich-Poor Divide

A Tax Fairness Forum was held on June 5, 2012 at the Millenium Library. Taxes are not merely a way for governments to raise revenue. Taxes are a political mechanism for directing economic activity, addressing major issues facing communities, supporting our democratic and cultural institutions and determining how we shape our physical and social environment. In the last two decades, people with power and wealth have consciously tried to create a… [Read More]

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