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  • Apr 10 2015


    A Culturally and Spiritually Literate Training in Understanding Islam and Muslims and their needs, challenges and aspirations 


     A 2 DAY CONFERENCE, April 10 and 11, 2015


    Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport - 1800 Wellington Avenue


    A Culturally and Spiritually Literate Training in Understanding Islam and Muslims and their needs, challenges and aspirations


    A conference designed for all service sectors including social services, mental health, health, education, law enforcement, government and public agencies, multi-cultural and settlement agencies. This unique conference aims to foster mutual respect, improve understanding and to inform constructively and professionally about Islam and to educate participants into the cultural and spiritual diversity of Canadian Muslims. This conference is critical in the light of increasing misinformation about Islam and Muslims. This is a strength based approach to service delivery.


    There will be specific workshops and scenario trainings on Day 2 designed for sub-sectors and will address their particular needs.  People registering for these workshops must also register for the first day.


    Day 1: April 10, 2015:


    A full day of seminars is an essential precursor to any workshop on Day 2. This introduction will deal with various aspects of Islam and will encourage dialogue and discussion on some of the most misrepresented facts about the religion of Islam. Also covered will be the unique history and experiences of Canadian Muslims, their cultural diversity, their most crucial challenges and their many contributions to Canada. For detailed program refer to ISSA website.


    Day 2:  April 11, 2015:


    A series of 4 concurrent workshops, dealing with: Health/Mental Health, Youth/Social Services, Law Enforcement, and Education.


    Please register early - limited space.   For registration forms please visit:


     Registration fee: $250 for both days lunch included. First day only $120. Students $100.   For more information email or call Irene @ 204 944 1560.  Participants will receive certificates. Deadline for registration is April 6th, 2015.  

  • Jan 22 2015

    BETTER FATHERING: A fathering issues series for men.

     This series is for men who are in a fathering role and are interested in becoming more nurturing and wish to explore constructive ways of increasing their parenting skills and involvement with their children

    Sessions are held at:  Kateri Parish – 794 Ellice Avenue (Side Entrance on Home Street)





     Men are registered on the first evening they arrive. Referral information is requested but not necessary.

      Men can refer themselves




    Fall, Winter, each 12 weeks

    And, a Spring session of 8 weeks

    Each session is two (2) hours 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

    Sessions are held at794 Ellice Avenue(side door)

    There is no charge for these sessions at794 Ellice Avenue


    Child Care:


    Qualified Child Care is available during the sessions for Fathers who need this service in order to attend





    All information is CONFIDENTIAL

    The  participants will receive a certificate and letter of Attendance

    The facilitators will not give information as to content of the sessions to any persons, even with authority




    For any other information

    Call Paul Molloy at (204) 782-7987

    Or e-mail better_fathering


  • May 7 2015

    The Second Annual Wolseley Family Place Golden Apron Gala

    You are invited to join in the fun on:

    Thursday, May 7th, 2015



    The Second Annual

    Wolseley Family Place

    Golden Apron Gala



    Caboto Centre

    1055 Wilkes Avenue



    Join us at 6:00 pm for Cocktails


    And then:  let the festivities begin! 

     From 7:00 – 9:30 pm

    Witness the Golden Apron Competition

    . . .  Feast on Scrumptious Fare . . .

    . . .  Participate in Draws and Auctions  . . .

    . . . Enjoy Live Music . . .


    Three Lucky Guests will be chosen to join the team of Competition Judges


    Four teams of Competitor Cooks will vie for the Golden Apron title!


    Tickets:  $100.00

    Tables of 8 tickets:  $700.00

    (Tax Receipts available for $50.00 per ticket)


    To purchase tickets for the Golden Apron Gala event:

    • Send a check to The Golden Apron Gala, Wolseley Family Place, 691 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 1C3 [ Please send name(s), mailing address(s) - for receipt(s) - and a note about any vegetarian meals needed. ]


    [ Please send name(s), mailing address(s) - for receipt(s) - and a note about any vegetarian meals needed

    to Pamela at ]


    See you at the Gala!

  • Jun 3 2015

    A Restorative Justice Association in Manitoba: A Stakeholders’ Meeting

    9:30am – 2:00pm
    (lunch and refreshments will be provided)
    RSVP: by April 7, 2015


    Last November, an inaugural meeting was held to begin the process of forming a restorative justice association for Manitoba. Represented at the meeting were community, faith and social justice organizations, the Winnipeg Police Service, RCMP, Manitoba Justice and many unaffiliated community members all of whom are aware of the transformative potential of restorative justice and so have a vested interest in promoting it.

    A pilot committee was formed to ensure the next steps identified at that meeting were followed up on. Two of these were to do more outreach as everyone recognized that key stakeholders were not present at that meeting and to set up a larger meeting at a later date.

    This larger meeting will allow the pilot committee to report back on it activities but the goals will be:
    Envision what this association would look like
    Determine next steps

    Please circulate this to anyone you think may be interested. The pdf poster is attached.

  • Feb 24 2015

    Low Income Intermediary Project Advocacy Training Program



    Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself.

    Tuesday evenings, 6:00-9:00 P.M.

    Workers Organizing Resource Centre

    Mezzanine Floor, 280 Smith St., Winnipeg

    COST: $100.OO* FOR 16 WEEKS (Snacks provided)


    Presenter: HAROLD DYCK, Social Assistance Advocate since 1999.

    If you are someone is affected by poverty, or work with those who are, and wish to gain advocacy skills to help those marginalized in our society, this program is for you.

    Space is limited. Call 947-2220 or e-mail to reserve your space.

    Co-sponsored by Manitoba Low Income Intermediary Project and Winnipeg Harvest

    *If finances are a concern, please call as there may be a subsidy available through your employer or an agency.

    (Full refunds will be provided up to the end of the second session, if you decide this isn’t for you)

    Please share the attached poster with your contacts and help spread the word about this opportunity.

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